If you are searching for copyright content that you hold or have legal rights to search or place DMCA requests, Please submit a
support ticket with the subject line 'DMCA Inquire' in the Copyright Infringement category of the support ticket system. Include
any known release titles per line you would have searched for and a staff member will provide you with a matching legible format
response. Please include a valid form of identification along with documentation for proof of rights holder work must be attached
when submitting a 'DMCA Inquire' support ticket to ensure prompt work takedown.

I am not a DMCA agent, payment processor employee or rights holder/company (s) seeking access to disrupt any functionality within
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A head shall refuse to disclose personal information to any person other than the individual to whom the information relates except

(a) upon the prior written request or consent of the individual, if the record is one to which the individual is entitled to have access

(b) in compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual, if upon disclosure notification thereof is mailed to the last known email address of the individual to whom the information relates

(c) under an Act of Ontario or Canada that expressly authorizes the disclosure

(i) the disclosure is consistent with the conditions or reasonable expectations of disclosure under which the personal information was
provided, collected or obtained,

(ii) the research purpose for which the disclosure is to be made cannot be reasonably accomplished unless the information is provided in individually identifiable form,

(iii) the person who is to receive the record has agreed to comply with the conditions relating to security and confidentiality
prescribed by the regulations.

(d) if the disclosure does not constitute an unjustified invasion of personal privacy. R.S.O. 1990, c. F.31, s. 21 (1).

Refusal to confirm or deny existence of record

A head may refuse to confirm or deny the existence of a record if disclosure of the record would constitute an unjustified invasion of personal privacy. R.S.O. 1990, c. F.31, s. 21

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